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In Fair Salon you are a hairdresser in a future world where the government has fixed all climate issues. Now they are working on banishing discrimination from society through the Neutralisation. There are strict guidelines for hairdressers to ensure the best for society, but are they good for the individual?

Fair Salon is an applied VR game made by students of the HKU and UU.

How to play

  • Interact with UI: Point the controller at a UI element and pull the trigger to select.
  • Pick up objects: Put your hand into an object and press the grip button to hold onto the object
  • Scale objects: While holding an object with one controller, hold the grip button on the other controller and move them closer and further apart to scale the object.
  • Pick a colour: Press any colour swatch on the workstation to change the colour of the hair blocks.
  • Operate vending machine: Press the large button on the vending machine to receive objects.
  • Finish a haircut: Pick up the payment terminal and shove it into a customers face to make them pay for your hard labour.

Team Ractik

  • Leon van Oldenborgh
  • Lily van Schaik
  • Nathan Nieuwenhuizen
  • Joeri Ridder
  • Sterre Perquin
  • Jeroen Blok


FairSalonBuild.zip 243 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the download and run the executable called Fair Salon. Compatible VR gear is needed in order to play!

PlayStation VR is known to not run the game properly.

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